Lib Dems 2016 election manifesto summary

  • Expand early education to give every child a good start, and flexibility for parents
  • A Pupil Premium for extra support and better attainment in every classroom
  • A wider curriculum, with inspiring new online courses and engagement with business
  • Build back up our colleges, with new courses to train for the skills we need
  • Support for universities and science, including more women in science, technology, engineering and maths
  • Business engaged with schools and colleges, and shaping apprentice programmes on a sector skills basis
  • Transform mental health support so people can get the treatment they need
  • Double the mental health budget for children and young people so they can access better services
  • Train more mental health professionals and co-locate them with GPs, the police, at A&E and in prisons
  • Recruit, retain and train more GPs, increasing the share of health spending on primary care, and trebling the Primary Care Fund
  • Give more professional freedoms to health and social care workers to deliver excellent care
  • Provide robust real-terms funding of the NHS
  • Promote good health and tackle inequalities
  • A fair welfare system, especially for those with mental health problems
  • More homes for affordable rent
  • Tackle fuel poverty and create warmer homes, with catch-up zones in areas worst hit
  • Create a Fit For The Future Investment Fund for warm homes, rented homes and broadband
  • More support for the victims of crime and an effective restorative and rehabilitative approach to stop re-offending
  • Radical drug reform to focus on supply and not possession, and increase treatment and education for offenders
  • Stop the creation of an intrusive ID database
  • Bring democracy back into Scottish policing
Equality and social justice
  • Act to tackle bullying and discrimination
  • Enshrine the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Scottish law
  • Get a balance of women and men on every public board
  • Give local authorities the powers to respond to demands from local communities
  • Promote regional deals to bring together councils, business and colleges
  • Refuse another referendum on independence
  • Extend freedom of information to private companies delivering public services
  • Support fair business practice
Transport and Infrastructure
  • Speed up rail journey times to the North East and Highlands
  • Develop contactless payment for all public transport
  • Extend super-fast broadband and mobile phone coverage to all of Scotland
Environment and Energy
  • Prioritise renewable heat for industry and district heating
  • Support a diverse range of renewable energy – including geothermal and solar to protect security of supply
  • Increase the number of natural conservation areas in Scotland and take tougher action on wildlife crime
  • Expand recycling and re-use in a circular economy

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