House of Cards – Season 4: Review

Frank is back, bolder than ever

Season 1-3 spoilers on page 1, Season 4 spoilers on page 2 Gripping.  Enthralling.  Intense.  All are words that have been staples of summarising House of Cards to people over the years and trying to properly convey, without spoilers, the feeling the show gives its audience.  While last season took a break, for the worse, from this tried and tested relationship with the viewer, season 4 picks up the pace yet again and delivers 13 episodes of television excellence that leaves you wanting more. For — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 3: Review

Major spoilers for seasons 1-3 of House of Cards ahead, read with caution! The rise and fall of TV characters is the essence of a good show, and what keeps us tuned in episode after episode, season after season as we see the stories of those we like or loathe unfold before us.  No show has this idea at its’ heart more than House of Cards, with the fortunes of Frank Underwood being the driving force behind the political drama that packs a punch.  The — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 2: Review

Without a doubt my favourite current ongoing TV show is House of Cards.  I really enjoyed Season 1 and luckily jumped on the bandwagon at the right time with Season 2 being released just after I finished with the first.  I’ve taken my time to go through the 13 episodes of Season 2, and have been struck yet again with awe at the quality of the show.  Here’s my review of Season 2, with a spoiler-filled discussion of the events of the season on the — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 1: Review

TV shows need to do a lot to draw my interest and compel me to watch them.  For House of Cards, it was another round of major award nominations, great reviews and an ad campaign at the cinema that pushed me over the edge onto the couch.  It’s not technically a TV show, being produced and aired exclusively on Netflix, but it is one of the best serial shows I’ve watched in a while and, with season 2 around the corner on the 14th of — Read more →