The Pensions Time-bomb

Pensions are a cornerstone of our welfare system, and something that despite the growing differences between the political parties in our country remains untouched – but with a quickly aging population and a growing spend on pensions, it’s an area that we desperately need to fix before it gets out of control. The pensions system is a minefield both economically and politically, and there are many contradictions and dilemmas that need to be addressed before reaching any sort of conclusion on where to go next. — Read more →

Position Papers: Cannabis legalisation

Cannabis is about as mainstream as illegal drugs can get, and even though huge numbers of the British public have used, or regularly use, the drug – it still remains outlawed in a way that is harmful to health and society. I believe that we should legalise cannabis and give people the freedom to make their own decisions with the drug, which would bring benefits in so many ways. The truth is that there is no real justification for maintaining draconian restrictions on the use — Read more →

Position Papers: Immigration

There’s plenty of issues in politics that leave everyone divided.  It’s part of the appeal of the subject for me, and I find it interesting to hear everyone’s take on some of the big debates in our society.  I’m a rather opinionated person, as you may be able to tell, and I’m definitely partisan when it comes to the sort of discussions that dominate current affairs.  With this post, I’ll kick off a series on some of my own political opinions and try to explain — Read more →