A Disappointing E3

Normally, I’m awash with excitement when E3 time rolls around.  New games, and new consoles last time, have me brimming with joy and leave me on edge until the next holiday season so I can pick up the fantastic games that were on show.  For various reasons, some beyond the control of the presenters, I didn’t really have that this year – and E3 was a bit of a damp squib. E3 sets the tone for gaming over the next year, sort of like a — Read more →

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference 2014

Today saw Microsoft set out their plans for the upcoming year in gaming with their annual presentation at the E3 conference.  While there was little in the way of big surprise announcements, there were plenty of big games announced and showcased that are making their way to the Xbox One in the next year or so. Instead of the usual Microsoft offering, which showcases new features to their console as well as games, it was only new titles and updates on upcoming releases that were — Read more →