Scotland’s back in the big time

It’s happened.  It’s actually happened.  Scotland have qualified for a major tournament, the Euros, and ended 22 years of footballing exile. It feels surreal that after years, decades really, of enduring glorious failure that what must have been a curse has lifted from our national game and we’re back to where we should be. What made the difference this time? It would be easy to be cynical, as we have been in our defeats.  We won a third-rate Nations League group then stumbled to victory — Read more →

2020 US Presidential Election predictions

Tonight marks the culmination of the 2020 US Presidential election, and it’s been a race like no other. Four years ago Donald Trump ripped up the playbook and then proceeded to set it on fire by claiming a shock victory over Hillary Clinton.  He then embarked on one of the most erratic and divisive spells the White House has ever seen.  And that was all before the world was hit by a once-in-100-years pandemic that the US was ill-equipped to cope with. His challenger is — Read more →

Building an online music library

I’ve always been a geek when it comes to music, and the lonely nights of lockdown gave me the chance this year to work on a project I’d wanted to do for some time: building my own online music library. Ever since I started downloading songs from iTunes back in the day, I’ve always wanted to be able to see what songs or artists I’ve been listening to most over a given length of time.  iTunes had limited abilities in that, but when I signed — Read more →

Reshuffling the SPFL

Life is far from normal at the moment, so it’s natural to look for things that provide familiarity so that the world takes on a slightly more recognisable feel amidst some dark times indeed. Scottish football’s contribution to this familiarity hasn’t been football, but for it to provide for us it’s signature of an administrative shambles played out in the media. We now know that the 2019/20 season below the Premiership has ended, and that it’s likely that even the top-tier will be wrapped up — Read more →

My Top 100 Songs of the 2010s

This year marks the 10th year that I’ve compiled a list of my favourite songs of the year, in what is quite possibly the longest I’ve managed to stick at anything.  It’s part of the tradition for me of winding down the year and taking stock of where my life has journeyed to, and doing that through the songs that have soundtracked that journey. What makes this year rather special is that we come to the end of a decade, one that has taken me — Read more →