Sound of Silver: 10 Years On

When was it that you first felt old? When did you first look back on the five, ten years that have gone by and realise it had disappeared in the rear-view mirror far faster than you had imagined? I know I started to feel old pretty young.  I might have been halfway through academy (high school) when I really started to be aware of how quickly everything seemed to be going.  Of course it seems a bit daft now, to think you’re old at 13 — Read more →

Team America: World Police – 10 Years on

Calling films classic not long after they’ve been released might be a little premature or even a clichéd attempt at making them seem even better than they were – but now that a decade has gone by since the release of one of the finest satirical films of the 21st century, I think it’s time we consider Team America: World Police as the classic that it is. For those that aren’t aware, Team America follows the life of actor Gary, who is drafted because of — Read more →

Hot Fuss – 10 Years On

The icons of alternative rock are often fleeting, but one band has stayed on top for longer than almost any other: The Killers.  If I told you that their debut Hot Fuss landed in the UK 10 years ago today, I’m sure you would be surprised.  It was an album chock-full of some of the finest pop rock and angsty ballads you’ll ever likely to hear and the record that launched The Killers into stardom and perpetual reference as THE band of the decade.  Although — Read more →

Friends – 10 Years On

10 years ago today, one of America (and the UK)’s favourite sitcoms came to a close in perhaps one of TV’s best ever finales.  Of course, that show was Friends – a sitcom that is now a benchmark for shows that can not only make generations of viewers laugh but also relate to the human stories going on in the show.  There’s not been a show like Friends again, and it’s hard to say if there ever will be. Friends got so many things right — Read more →

Franz Ferdinand – 10 Years On

It seems only yesterday that I was shopping in HMV along with my family and caught sight of Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled debut album on the shelf.  “Take Me Out” had hit its peak the month before and it’s catchy, poppy rock and roll had captured my attention. From hearing it everywhere on the radio I’d managed to learn most of the song off by heart and sang it to my heart’s content when I could.  So when I saw this album, and saw there was — Read more →