Helping fake news Buzz off

A storm brewed in the US media, and around the world, this week as CNN reported that President Obama and President-Elect Trump were being briefed on top secret intelligence claims that Russia had compromising information relating to Trump.  This information was claimed to be private and personal, and just a few hours after CNN reported this, BuzzFeed published a dossier including several sensational claims about Trump, prostitutes and a hotel room in Moscow. We now know that the dossier has not been verified, though the — Read more →

Bella we hardly knew ye

In just the space of 24 hours, one of the brightest lights of the pro-Yes movement here in Scotland went completely dark as Bella Caledonia closed down, seemingly with no return in sight. It was just yesterday afternoon when editor Mike Small posted a short, and rather unusual, goodbye on the site – signing off with the statement “Just couldn’t do it”.  Bemusement and confusion soon gave way to sadness and loss, though, as a statement from the site’s board indeed said that due to — Read more →

The National launches to support independence

Newspaper launches might be rare nowadays, but yesterday saw The National‘s first issue as it attempts to give a pro-independence voice in the print media.  It’s not quite got the esteem and weight of the bigger papers that dominate print journalism yet, but as a start it’s been more than promising. It’s now over two months since the referendum that encapsulated Scotland; but even though the result was a No vote by a margin of 55-45 percent, the Yes campaigners have not backed down in their — Read more →

Modern Plagiarism?

It might be easier than ever to find out what’s going on in the world, or discover old facts you would never have dreamed of knowing otherwise, because of the internet – but despite its overwhelming advantages, there are some negatives that are slowly becoming more influential on our wider culture. Technology is a double-edged sword in that although making new content and news is as simple as it has ever been, copying that content and claiming it as your own is too.  Entire works — Read more →

Journalism Must Change

This is an English translation of the original post “Feumaidh Naidheachdas Atharrachadh” The profession I hope to go into when I leave university is that of journalism.  It’s a job that I’d enjoy a lot, and more than that: I think I’d be good at it.  But it’s an industry that’s rather old-fashioned in a world that seems as though it’s changing faster than ever before.  Even though I’m confident enough that journalism is going to be an industry that stands the test of time, — Read more →