University & I

It feels a little surreal to be saying it, but my education career is over.  Words at times I never thought I’d actually be able to say! I’m now a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, and ready to finally go out into the big, bad world of work.  My four years have armed me with the skills and experiences I need to find myself a good job in the field that I want and I’ll soon be able to earn plenty money to make — Read more →

Gaelic in post-devolution Scotland

Dissertation for MA Gaelic Studies and Politics

Download PDF Contents: Introduction Gaelic in the devolved political arena Party attitudes towards Gaelic Gaelic manifesto pledges in Scottish Parliament elections Gaelic and the independence referendum Discussion The Scottish Parliament and Gaelic public policy Gaelic legislation pre-devolution The Scottish Parliament as an instrument for Gaelic development The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 Gaelic in UK and Scottish post-devolution legislation The progression of Gaelic funding Discussion Gaelic’s status in modern Scotland Gaelic’s population problem Gaelic-medium Education Gaelic and public opinion Gaelic’s public visibility Discussion Conclusion Bibliography — Read more →

Adapting to devolution in Scotland

Download PDF Devolution was a process that radically changed the landscape of Scottish politics and the way in which policies could be developed for the nation.  Such fundamental change of the Scottish political arena naturally required political parties to adapt themselves to compete in a new paradigm that had a different set of demands than Westminster politics. This essay shall examine the ways in which Scotland’s major political parties have adapted to the era of devolution, examining the different facets of party structure, policy and — Read more →

The post war extreme right in Italy and Germany

Download PDF The modern extreme right phenomenon in Europe is found in many nations across the continent, with varying degrees of political success for each party coming from differences in ideology, policy and acceptance by the public and political institutions. All of this is often put into the context of the extreme right that existed in Europe before the modern era, before World War II.  This type of extreme right political thought and action was defined more so as fascism or Nazism, and was demonstrably — Read more →

Gaelic broadcasting’s wider role

Download PDF With reference to the current Gaelic Digital Service, discuss how the outcomes of Gaelic media broadcasting might extend beyond MG Alba’s objective of ensuring that “high quality television programmes in Gaelic are made available to persons in Scotland”. What evidence exists to support your answer?   Just as the advances in Gaelic Medium Education can be said to have dominated Gaelic development discourse through the 1980s and 1990s, the advances in Gaelic broadcasting have taken centre stage thus far in the 21st century. — Read more →