Game of Thrones – Season 4: Review

This season was when Game of Thrones’ hype in the UK finally caught up with its’ popularity over the pond in America.  Season 4 of Game of Thrones has cemented its’ status as a new cultural phenomenon, and continued its’ intriguing tale of the fight for the iron throne. What this season did immensely well was focus on the close personal relationships between the characters.  The cast of lords, ladies, servants and serfs has always been fantastic, but never before have they interacted with such — Read more →

From Reality to Fiction

This is an English translation of the original post “Bho Fìrinn gu Ficsean“ Almost everyone I know is watching Game of Thrones at the moment, a TV program set around a civil war in a fictional land of Westeros that’s rather similar to medieval Britain.  It’s very good, even if I find it a little slow-going at times, and one of the things that makes the programme so gripping is how deep the backstory is.  Stories are told of kings from thousands of years before — Read more →

Bho Fìrinn gu Ficsean

Tha cha mhòr a h-uile duine aig a bheil eòlas orm an-dràsda a’coimhead air Game of Thrones, an prògram T. Bh. air an steidhichte air cogadh siobhalta ann an dùthaich ficseanail Westeros, dùthaich caran coltach ri Breatainn ‘s na meadhan aoisean.  ‘S e prògram anabarrach math a th’ann, ged a tha e beagan slaodach dhomh aig amannan, agus tha aon de na rudan as tarraingeach mu dheidhinn an prògram ‘s e cho domhainn ‘s a tha an sgeulachd air culaibh na tha a’tachairt.  Tha sgeulachdan — Read more →

Game of Thrones – Season 1: A Belated Review

It did take me almost three years after the first season began to first watch Game of Thrones, but I’m glad I did.  With the excitement rising across the internet and my friends around the upcoming season 4, and having no ongoing TV show that I’m watching, my flatmates and I dived into Game of Thrones to see what all the fuss is about.  I’m glad we did. The show takes place in the fictional lands of the Seven Kingdoms.  There is plenty of background — Read more →