My PS4 adventures so far

It may have taken me a while, nearly three years in fact, to bite the bullet and buy a next-gen console – but last week I finally got my hands on a PS4. I’d pretty much been set on the PS4 ever since it was announced way back when.  Despite plying my trade on the Xbox 360 for the last six years, I’ve always felt a stronger affinity with Sony’s console – which I believe was better last-gen too save for the crucial fact that — Read more →

PS4 First Impressions

There was much excitement this week as I returned to Aberdeen and with my two flatmates having bought PS4s for their arrival; I was finally going to get a chance to get to grips with Sony’s newest console.  Although my experience with it has been slightly limited, with only Destiny and the demo for FIFA 15 at my disposal to test the system’s gameplay chops, I’ve really enjoyed using the PS4 and have almost certainly made my mind up about which console I’ll be getting — Read more →