My Sleep in the Park Experience

Waking up in the middle of Princes Street Gardens, with a layer of frost on my sleeping bag, the temperature being around -5°, and at just after 5.15am in the morning is not my normal idea of a Sunday morning. Last night around 8,000 people, myself included, took part in Sleep in the Park, which was an event geared around the phenomenal cause of helping eradicate homelessness here in Scotland. The event was organised by Social Bite, a charity café launched just five years ago — Read more →

Striking out: The Post Office gamble

Will the workers' strike gamble pay off or miss altogether?

Workers of the Post Office are set to strike next week during what is surely one of its busiest times of the year ahead of Christmas. This dispute over staff and branch cuts, as well as long-running pension disagreements, comes to a head as millions of people up and down the country worry about getting their Christmas cards and presents sent in time for the big day a week on Sunday, but whether or not this strike will be effective or not is unclear. First — Read more →

A real Olympic legacy

The Olympics draw to a close tonight, and despite the worry and trepidation that many had before Rio 2016 the Games themselves went spectacularly well and proved, once again, to be an incredible festival of sport. Team GB had their best Games ever, clinching more medals than they managed during London 2012 – an amazing feat considering that no host country has ever outperformed themselves in the following Olympics. Britain’s medal haul was so impressive that we came 2nd in the overall table, behind only — Read more →


Yet again innocent Americans have come under attack from domestic terrorism, with over fifty young lives lost to acts of a callous, cowardly man. America’s gun problem is so staggeringly out of control that if it was happening almost anywhere else in the world there’d be international intervention. There have been 173 mass shooting incidents so far this year which have killed a total of 279 and injured 642 others.  There have been almost 1,000 mass shootings since the lives of 27 school children were — Read more →

The Real Chance of a Lottery Win

How the lottery could change the lives of many, not just the few

January is a cold and often rather miserable month, with the weather being dreich and cold and money being rather hard to come by after the expenses and indulgences of Christmas.  It’s not too surprising then that many people reach out for the vaguest possibilities of light in the darkness in January, and one of those ways that people try and spice up their lives is the lottery. This month, on both sides of the Atlantic, people have had the chance to play for record — Read more →