A Long Day of Sport

I may not often venture much further than the football stadium to watch live sport, but I do consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of sport in general.  Well, it’s a fancy way of saying fair-weather fan but I’m sticking with it. So today (yesterday for you readers) marks a particularly significant day of sport.  Kicking off is the Australian Open tennis final, where Scotland’s own Andy Murray goes up against Novak Djokovic for the chance to win his third Grand Slam title.  Later on — Read more →

Scotland’s biggest game returns

It was only a matter of time before it happened, but when Celtic and Rangers were drawn together for the semi-finals of the League Cup it set up what legions of fans from each team and indeed neutrals across Scotland and the world wanted – another Old Firm derby. It is without a doubt Scotland’s biggest footballing (and cultural) rivalry, and there are very few clashes in world football that could compare either.  There is well over a century of history between them, and never — Read more →

2014: Scotland’s Year in the Sun

It’s easy to think back with a heady nostalgia over the year gone by when the days between Christmas and New Year draw in and you realise that soon it’ll be a new calendar you need rather than just a new page.  Every year I try to look back on things and remember what the big moments were, just to get a sense of perspective on it.  Normally it revolves around making something out to be a little more important or joyful that it was.  — Read more →

The National launches to support independence

Newspaper launches might be rare nowadays, but yesterday saw The National‘s first issue as it attempts to give a pro-independence voice in the print media.  It’s not quite got the esteem and weight of the bigger papers that dominate print journalism yet, but as a start it’s been more than promising. It’s now over two months since the referendum that encapsulated Scotland; but even though the result was a No vote by a margin of 55-45 percent, the Yes campaigners have not backed down in their — Read more →

The Fun Side of Golf

Golf is one of my favourite sports, and although I don’t get as much a chance to play as I’d like I do enjoy the odd game or two when they come around.  Golf’s a nice way of spending a few hours in the outdoors, playing a simple game and spending time with the people you’re playing alongside.  It’s sedate and calming, unless you’re having a particularly torrid time of it, and there are very few activities in 21st century life that really offer that. — Read more →