Mass Effect: Andromeda – Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda marks the first entry in the series in five years, and the start of a new trilogy that breaks away from the original and forges its own path, in another galaxy no less. Andromeda takes the classic elements of Mass Effect gameplay and story and transports them into a new style and much more explorable world. But all of this comes at a cost, with the gameplay lore and presentation of the game lacking the shine and engagement of its predecessors. Story — Read more →

FIFA 17: Review

A beautiful, but flawed, game

After years of winning the best football game title, the FIFA series has come under severe pressure from its’ old foe Pro Evolution Soccer.  FIFA 17 was the latest effort by EA Sports to set itself apart as the true football simulation – but what it’s shown is that even with new bells and whistles, it’s not quite champion material. FIFA 17 is largely the same football game you’ll know and love, with little changing in the grand scheme of things since it made it’s — Read more →

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Multiplayer Review

Perhaps modern gaming’s most established franchise, Call of Duty has come under increased scrutiny in recent years as its blockbuster reputation has been hampered by gamers’ understandable concerns that while the series churns out new titles every year, with the first Tuesday in November almost becoming Call of Duty day, the franchise formula changes very little. Advanced Warfare does change things up in the biggest way since Modern Warfare 2, with developer Sledgehammer Games making their solo debut with the franchise. The new exo-suit gives — Read more →

Titanfall: Review

Truly new first-person shooters don’t come around too often, especially from well-known and esteemed development teams, so expectations for Titanfall were sky-high.  What they’ve produced is one of the best new IP to come out for years, but one that doesn’t quite shake the Earth completely either. The premise of Titanfall is rather simple, but the game does a good job of giving things a bit of depth.  In a world far away, two factions: the IMC and the Militia are squaring off against each — Read more →

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: Review

The original Plants vs. Zombies game is perhaps one of the biggest successes in the modern wave of mobile games.  The simple gameplay with surprising depth wrapped with a light-hearted humour warmed many gamers with its charm.  Although its sequel is often criticised for being overly reliant on in-game micro transactions – the franchise as a whole is one of the most recognisable and well-regarded in games. It may have seemed an outlandish idea when Popcap announced Garden Warfare.  It’s a third-person multiplayer shooter based — Read more →