Dead Island: Review

When the announcement trailer for Dead Island launched 3 years ago, the hype for the game was huge.  For an instant, the gaming media that was so focussed on the titans of Call of Duty, Fallout etc. stopped and took notice of a new IP from a little-known studio in a way that hasn’t really happened since.  Sadly, the mind-blowing CGI trailer promised more than the game could offer – which is understandable, but still a little disheartening.  Dead Island is a fun game to — Read more →

GTA V: Review

Anticipation is a dangerous thing. When you are waiting for something, longing for something – no matter what it is – you are either setting yourself up to love or hate something. I’ve waited years for GTA V, and I love it. Instead of jumping in to writing a review a week into having the game, I wanted to wait until I’ve much more fully experienced the game. With hundreds of things to do in the game, it’s unfair to judge it based on the — Read more →