The Scotland we want it to be

While the rest of the world has gone slightly mad in the last twelve months, Scotland has been a place of relative calm.  Having had our independence referendum and two major elections year after year, since May there’s been very little drama in Scottish politics of note.  It’s been refreshing for many I’m sure. The two issues that remain at the heart of Scottish political life though are the effects of Brexit upon the country and also the potential second Scottish independence referendum that the — Read more →

Indyref – 2 years on

It’s two years since Scotland said No to independence in a referendum that completely transformed the face of the country and its’ politics. From a day where many thought the independence dream would be shattered we have now reached a stage where the old gang is getting back together, with the grassroots organisations that supported independence re-thinking how to go about campaigning for an indyref2 and the SNP Government launching another “conversation” with the public about what they see as the country’s future. Anyone that — Read more →

The Scotland that could have been

Had Scotland voted Yes in the independence referendum in 2014 today would have been the preferred date of independence as announced by the SNP Government and would have marked the start of Scotland’s journey on its’ own two feet. It’s hard to believe that it’s only 18 months that have passed since then; surely for Labour supporters it will feel like a lifetime ago.  Scotland has changed significantly since we voted on our future, and the terms of any future independence debate – and there — Read more →

A year on from the referendum

Last year was easily the most exciting that politics in this country will ever get, and the run up to the referendum was one of the most fascinating displays of public engagement ever.  Scotland came alive during the campaign, and the energy that was created back then hasn’t died down yet. It’s hard to believe, but a year ago today that Scotland went to the polls to reject the proposal of independence.  55% of Scots preferred to stay within the UK on that day and — Read more →

Dissecting the Referendum: The Future

Even though we’re not a week out from the referendum, the vision of a post-referendum Scotland is becoming increasingly clear as the dust settles.  Neither side of the debate is carrying on with ‘business as usual’, with both recognising a significant appetite for change in Scotland if not for independence. Westminster is not going to take the No vote as a vote of confidence in their actions, and are going to work on new powers, but they have changed the parameters of what they have — Read more →