Making a Murderer – Part 2: Review

Netflix has built quite the reputation for producing original shows that permeate pop culture, and one of the most significant series it has produced has been Making a Murderer.  After it’s late 2015 release, coverage of the show and the case it showcases was practically unavoidable online, as millions of people rediscovered this decade-old murder investigation and the questions around its conclusion. Now several years later, Making a Murderer: Part 2 picks up where we left off in 2015 and outlines the subsequent developments in — Read more →

Still Game – Series 7: Review

When it was announced that Still Game would return to the telly for another series after a 9-year hiatus, it was almost too good to be true.  The trials and tribulations of Jack and Victor and the Craiglang crew made for the pinnacle of Scottish comedy over its six year run and the little vignettes of life in Glasgow made for some of the best individual episodes of TV that I’ve ever seen. Season 7 of Still Game was pretty much the perfect summing up — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 4: Review

Frank is back, bolder than ever

Season 1-3 spoilers on page 1, Season 4 spoilers on page 2 Gripping.  Enthralling.  Intense.  All are words that have been staples of summarising House of Cards to people over the years and trying to properly convey, without spoilers, the feeling the show gives its audience.  While last season took a break, for the worse, from this tried and tested relationship with the viewer, season 4 picks up the pace yet again and delivers 13 episodes of television excellence that leaves you wanting more. For — Read more →

Narcos – Season 1: Review

It was gonna take something rather special to knock House of Cards off its’ perch as the top Netflix own show, but the debut season of Narcos definitely stakes a very strong claim to be the king of the castle with an explosive story that intrigues and delights in equal measure. Narcos tells the story of the godfather of drug kingpins, Pablo Escobar, and the efforts of the Colombian police, Government and the US DEA to catch him.  It follows a very Wire-esque feel of — Read more →

True Detective – Season 2: Review

Getting something right the second time around can be notoriously difficult.  When your first album, film or TV show is so good there’s an immense pressure to produce something that’s just as good but still something new so that you’re providing your fans with a different experience that’s in the same vein. True Detective might just be the quintessential example of a TV show that’s fallen victim of the second season syndrome. Following on from the gripping and phenomenally intense drama that Rust & Marty’s — Read more →