ITV Leaders’ Debate: Review

The general election campaign is well and truly underway now after last night’s one-and-only TV debate between the country’s seven main parties vying for our votes in just over a month’s time.  While at times it was a bit of a stramash, with the leaders trying to get their voices heard over the others, in general it was a very interesting piece of political television and what will hopefully be a real spark to what promises to be a powder-keg few weeks. In some ways — Read more →

House of Cards – Season 3: Review

Major spoilers for seasons 1-3 of House of Cards ahead, read with caution! The rise and fall of TV characters is the essence of a good show, and what keeps us tuned in episode after episode, season after season as we see the stories of those we like or loathe unfold before us.  No show has this idea at its’ heart more than House of Cards, with the fortunes of Frank Underwood being the driving force behind the political drama that packs a punch.  The — Read more →

The Newsroom: Series Review

Television has had some great writers over the years, but none are quite like Aaron Sorkin. The New Yorker’s insatiable talent for penning interesting, intelligent and engaging screenplays is legendary and when you sit down to watch a show he has written; you know it’s going to be good. The final curtain fell last week on Sorkin’s TV career (for the time being) with the series finale of The Newsroom – and for a show that had a short run of three brief seasons, I — Read more →

Game of Thrones – Season 4: Review

This season was when Game of Thrones’ hype in the UK finally caught up with its’ popularity over the pond in America.  Season 4 of Game of Thrones has cemented its’ status as a new cultural phenomenon, and continued its’ intriguing tale of the fight for the iron throne. What this season did immensely well was focus on the close personal relationships between the characters.  The cast of lords, ladies, servants and serfs has always been fantastic, but never before have they interacted with such — Read more →

30 Rock – Season 7: A Belated Review

My favourite comedy show of the last decade is undoubtedly 30 Rock.  A sitcom that revolves around the makings of a Saturday Night Live-esque sketch show, TGS (The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan), its capacity for relentless off-the-wall jokes is unmatched.  It’s a show that fits my sense of humour perfectly. Sadly, 30 Rock came to an end in January 2013 with a shortened Season 7.  It was a critical darling, with Emmy nominations galore each year and great reviews, but it didn’t quite pull — Read more →