My Top 40 Songs of 2018

2018 has been a good year.  For me, it’s been jam-packed with new things and experiences.  I learned to drive this year and got my first car.  I’ve had two amazing holidays, to New Orleans for Mardi Gras back in February and for a week with friends in Portugal.  I managed to get one of these blog posts featured in the Sunday Mail.  I’ve also been lucky enough to see just about all my favourite bands live this year (LCD Soundsystem, CHVRCHES, The Killers, Yeah — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2017

Everyone has their own traditions around Christmas and New Year, and one of my longest-standing ones is to compile a list of my favourite music from the year just gone by. This year’s no different, and this year’s best of 2017 happens to be my 8th attempt at summing together the best tunes from my music library. The list is generally a list of my most played songs, but with some boosts for songs released later in the year and ones I rate more highly.  — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2016

It’s safe to say that 2016 has brought a whole new meaning to “a year to be remembered by”.  It’s got to be said also that for the most part that’s been for all the wrong reason – but there’s no doubting that the year will go down in history as a turning point in so many ways. But in music, 2016 has been quiet.  Pop hits haven’t been as ever-lasting as they used to be, there were few big album releases that really set — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2015

2015 has really not been the best year for myself and I’m sure many other people.  There’s no real getting around that.   But one of the things that has been key in keeping me going this year, well at least more so than ever, has been music. While 2015 might have been a year to forget in so many ways, the music from it will live long on my iPod as a reminder that it wasn’t all so bad.  There have been some exceptional albums released — Read more →

My Top 40 Songs of 2014

I think out of almost anything, it’s the music from a year that really defines it and makes that one individual year stick out from those around it to me, and what a year this has been for music!  There have been so many good songs, and albums even, that have played around me throughout what has been an important and memorable year. This list is largely dominated by my favourite artists of this year: Porter Robinson, Clean Bandit and the amazing CHVRCHES.  For the — Read more →