What to expect from President Trump

The impossible has happened and Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America. No matter who you are and who you supported in the US election race, Trump’s victory is a massive surprise that went against all predictions and one that shakes the political system of the world once more in what has already been a tumultuous year. We’re now left picking up the pieces of a campaign season that’s not only been one of the most divisive and partisan in — Read more →

2016 US Presidential Election Predictions

America goes to the polls tomorrow after what has felt like one of the most intense and partisan Presidential elections ever, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump going the full 12 rounds against each other. It’s no secret now that the two choices being served to the American public are among the most unpalatable in their history, but what the outcome is set to be is perhaps what most of the world will be wanting. Despite a closing race over the last week or so, — Read more →

Clinton’s tortoise and hare Presidential race

There’s just three months left of what’s already felt like an eternal US Presidential election, but unlike in most races in almost a generation, the result seems rather certain already. Hillary Clinton has opened up a sizeable post-convention lead over Republican adversary Donald Trump, with the onslaught of negative press surrounding Trump’s gaffes including (but not limited to) offending the family of a dead Muslim-American soldier and mildly suggesting assassination of his opponent. The boffins of 538 suggest that as things stand Clinton has a — Read more →

A Super Tuesday for Clinton and Trump

Yesterday was Super Tuesday, where over a quarter of the primary races across America are decided and where the rigours of the national, cross-continent campaign fully begin for the candidates hoping to become the next President of the United States. For both front-runners, Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans, Super Tuesday cemented their positions on course to becoming their parties’ nominees for November’s General Election.  America will need to decide between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to become its’ next — Read more →

Iowa Caucuses 2016

The Iowa Caucuses are where the hopes and dreams of Presidential candidates are first tested in America, and the job of screening the next occupier of the White House is one that residents of the mid-West state are proud to hold. This year’s Iowa Caucuses have proved just as interesting as they have in the past, with both the Democratic and Republican races throwing up surprise results that leave each race as wide open as ever. Democrats Hillary Clinton looks set to win Iowa by — Read more →