UKIP 2016 election manifesto summary

  • Oppose political integration within Europe
  • Leave the European Union
  • Oppose higher taxes in Scotland than the rest of the UK
  • Lower business rates and cut red tape
  • Oppose the ‘Bedroom Tax’
  • Introduce a 30% rate of tax and lower the higher rate to 40%
  • Oppose the introduction of business rates on sporting estates.
  • Open Grammar and Technical schools in Scotland
  • Reduce average class sizes in P1-3 to 20 children per class and ensure the cap on the biggest class size allowable of 25 is met
  • Review the curriculum to ensure that it is producing the future workforce Scotland needs.
  • End political correctness in schools.
  • Protect the NHS from TTIP
  • Ensure all Armed Forces Veterans receive fast track NHS care for both mental and physical needs
  • Cut Stamp Duty and regulation for brown field sites to increase housing
  • Protect property rights and the Laws of Inheritance
  • Relax planning regulations for the conversion of off-high road commercial and office space and other existing builds to affordable residential use
  • Encourage local authorities to prioritise people with strong local connections when making housing allocations
Foreign Policy
  • Close down the Scottish Parliament “Diplomacy Project”
Transport and infrastructure
  • Push every local authority to offer at least 30 minutes free parking in city and town centres, high streets and shopping parades to encourage shoppers into our centres and boost local business
  • Reinstate the drink driving limit of 80mg per 100ml of blood
  • Work with providers to ensure good mobile phone coverage throughout Scotland.
  • Speed up the implementation of dual carriageways across Scotland.
  • Look into the feasibility of opening both Forth bridges to all types of traffic.
  • Restrict speed cameras to known accident black spots.
  • Oppose transfer of further powers from Westminster.
  • Bring forward proposals to allow binding local referenda on important local issues
  • Allow pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms.
  • Bring back the state enrolled nurse and fund return to practice training for those who have taken a career break.
  • Plug the gap between nursing numbers and demand
  • Put in place long term planning and training projects for doctors and nurses by 2018
  • Fight the stigma around mental illness and support those seeking to stabilise and normalise their lives.
  • Secure the exclusion of the NHS, by name, from TTIP
Agriculture & Fishing
  • Give farms the freedom to choose their own crops and remove any requirement regarding crop rotation or crops planted
  • Establish a 12-mile zone around our coastline for the rest of the UK and Scottish fishermen and a 200-mile exclusive economic zone under UK and Scotland’s control
  • Work with our fishermen to solve discard and landing issues
  • Repeal the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act
  • Repeal the Land Reform Act
  • Repeal the Named Persons Act
  • Oppose plans to create a super ID database
  • Repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act.
  • Review Police Scotland and investigate its’ possible break up into regional Police Forces.
  • Return RAF Leuchars and Kinloss to fully operational status
  • Prioritise veterans for social housing
  • Guarantee the offer of a job in the police service or prison service for any Scot who has served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 years
Environment and Energy
  • Support investment in renewables where electricity can be generated at competitive prices.
  • Withdraw taxpayer and consumer subsidies for new wind turbines

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