Conservative 2016 manifesto summary

  • “We will oppose any attempt by the SNP to hold a 2nd referendum during this parliament – no matter the result of the EU referendum this June.”
  • “We will support a fresh, positive drive to promote the benefits of the Union.”
  • “We will support the creation of a new UK-wide effort to promote the strengths and values of the Union, fostering greater ties and solidarity across the entire United Kingdom.”
Tax and Welfare
  • We will use “our tax powers to create a competitive and fair Scotland.”
  • We will support “the most vulnerable with Scottish welfare powers.”
  • We will “ensure our two governments work together.”
Education and Childcare
  • We will “extend flexible, high-quality childcare.”
  • We will “empower our school leaders.”
  • We will “focus on vocational education and reversing college cuts.”
  • We will “protect NHS funding with a health guarantee.”
  • We will “boost mental health investment.”
  • We will “put patients in charge.”
Housing and Energy
  • We will “build 100,000 new homes over the next Parliament.”
  • We will “invest in secure, clean and affordable energy.”
  • We will “ensure no-one lives in a hard to heat home.”
  • We will “freeze business rates and conduct a thorough review.”
  • We will “develop skills that align with business demand.”
  • We will “support rural businesses across Scotland.”
  • We will “make Police Scotland accountable to local communities again.”
  • We will “take action on anti-social behaviour and community sentences.”
  • We will “focus justice policy on cutting reoffending.”
  • Delivering fast and reliable broadband for all
  • Revitalising our town centres
  • Supporting communities with infrastructure investment

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