2016 Labour election manifesto summary

Economy and Tax
  • Use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to make different choices and stop the cuts.
  • Create fairness by ensuring spending on public services will rise in real terms.
  • Set the basic and higher rates of income tax just 1p higher than that of George Osborne to stop the cuts and make public services better.
  • Set a higher 50p rate for the top 1%, who earn over £150,000 a year, and investing that in schools.
  • Scrap the unfair council tax and leave 80% of households better off
  • Scrap the bedroom tax.
  • Double the maternity grant for new mums to lift children out of poverty.
  • Protect education spending in real terms
  • Create a Fair Start Fund to give nursery and primary head teachers more money to help ensure all children get a good education.
  • Begin the roll-out of breakfast clubs to every school.
  • Bridge the gap between the richest and the rest in our classrooms.
  • Keep university tuition fees free and reverse cuts to student grants.
  • Increase NHS spending in real terms and oppose privatisation.
  • Guarantee an appointment at a GP surgery within 48 hours.
  • Cut cancer waiting times.
  • Guarantee a social care package within a week.
  • Help first-time buyers save for a deposit.
  • Tackle rogue landlords and ban rip-off rent rises.
  • Build 60,000 affordable homes.
  • Reform the planning regime.
  • Support a debt amnesty for local councils.
Environment, Energy & Transport
  • Ban fracking in Scotland.
  • Make it cheaper and easier to travel with a single smartcard ticket.
  • Tackle fuel poverty through a Warm Homes Act.
  • Deliver a publicly owned ‘People’s Scotrail’.
  • Immediately halt the CalMac privatisation process
Law and Social Justice
  • Restore local accountability to Police Scotland.
  • Prioritise the prosecution of domestic abuse.
  • Scrap the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.
  • Reform and improve the support given to victims of crime.
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance approach to hate crimes.
  • Tackle sexual exploitation.
  • Stop the spread of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
  • Devolve power to local communities.
  • Rule out a second independence referendum.
  • Back the UK remaining in the European Union.
  • Deliver equal gender representation on the boards of public bodies.
  • Reform the way the Scottish Parliament works to ensure better accountability of ministers.
  • Freeze the pay of government ministers and ban second jobs for MSPs.
  • Promote workplace democracy.

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