SNP 2016 election manifesto summary

  • Increase NHS spending by over £500 million more than inflation during the next Parliament
  • Reform the NHS by investing £1.3 billion in health and social care partnerships, reforming primary care and increasing the number of GPs and nurses in communities.
  • Invest £200 million in expanding the Golden Jubilee Hospital and creating new elective treatment centres in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Livingston and Edinburgh.
  • Put in place a new ten-year plan to transform mental health and invest £100 million to improve mental health services
  • Invest £100 million to improve the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Free meals for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds benefiting from new nursery provision
  • Implement a new National Improvement Framework for schools to drive up standards and close the attainment gap between young people from the most and least affluent backgrounds
  • Give more power and resources to schools, teachers and parents
  • Increase investment in the Scottish Attainment Fund by over £750 million, giving more money directly to headteachers
  • Protect free education with no tuition fees under an SNP government
  • Ensure by 2030 that 20% of university entrants are from the 20% most deprived communities.
Youth & Employment
  • Increase the number of Modern Apprenticeships by 30,000 per year to 2020
  • Maintain full-time equivalent college places and protect Educational Maintainence Allowances for 60,000 school and college students
  • Introduce new Jobs Grants for those aged between 16 and 24
  • Lead a national drive to increase productivity
  • Extend the payment of the Living Wage ensuring all care workers receive the Living Wage by October 2016 and doubling the number of accredited employers to 1000 by Autumn 2017
Transport & Infrastructure
  • Invest in transport infrastructure and cut Air Passenger Duty by 50% in the next Parliament
  • Deliver 100% superfast broadband coverage for all of Scotland by the end of the next Parliament
  • Invest £3 billion in the next Parliament to build 50,000 new homes of which at least 35,000 will be available for social rent
  • Introduce a Warm Homes Bill to tackle fuel poverty
  • Continue to invest in Help to Buy and Shared Equity schemes to help first-time buyers
  • Increase the Carer’s Allowance so that it matches Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Maintain the Winter Fuel Payment for Pensioners
  • Establish a new Scottish Security Agency to administer devolved benefits
  • Maintain the level of disability benefits and make assessment fairer
  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax
  • Establish a Maternity and Early Years Allowance to help tackle child poverty
  • Protect the police budget in real terms
  • Create a new criminal offence to tackle all forms of domestic abuse
Energy & Environment
  • Maintain the moratorium on fracking unless it can be proved safe for the environment, communities and public health
  • Bring forward a new Climate Change Bill and reduce emissions by 50% by 2020
  • Build upon the Land Reform Act by making land ownership more efficient
  • Increase the Personal Allowance of Income Tax to £12,750 and freeze rates in line with inflation
  • Cap council tax increases to 3% per year, increase taxation on the higher banded properties and assign a portion of income tax revenues to local government
  • Start to persuade a majority of people that independence is the best future for Scotland.

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