Songs of the Month: October 2014

The Magician – “Sunlight (feat. Years & Years)”

For October, this song is a little on the nostalgia side – as what is an uplifting, light and cheery song reminds you of the summer just past as you suffer the night drawing in and the temperatures plummeting.  It’s simple and it’s catchy and makes for a good song to start the day.

CHVRCHES – “Get Away”

Part of Radio 1’s re-score of the art house cult classic Drive, “Get Away” is CHVRCHES’ first new single since the release of their fantastic album last year.  It captures a darker side of the band, perfect for the tone of the film, while keeping the 80s charm and flowing lyrics that make their songs really a cut above the rest.

The Glitch Mob – “Fly by Night Only (feat. Yarrohs)”

This song has interesting mix of styles that work really well together, with the darker sounds cut across by a clear and beautiful voice and the odd synth as well.  It keeps itself restrained into a slower sort of song that makes each part of the song feel more important.  All this together creates an atmosphere that’s very fitting for the time of year, with the nights drawing in and all.

Martin Garrix – “Proxy”

Martin Garrix is the teen hotshot that has really taken the EDM scene by storm over the last year or so, with “Animals” being easily one of last year’s best-selling dance songs.  “Proxy” gives something else though, with the drop being a significantly two-tiered affair – with alternating lines of hard house and more groovy beats that cater to calmer tastes.  And it’s available to download for free!

Calvin Harris – “Outside (feat. Ellie Goulding)”

It’s a match made in heaven as we’ve heard before, but Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding have combined to produce a song that’s as close to a mix of a perfect pop and perfect dance tune as possible this time around.  The melody that runs through this song is sublime, and when it takes centre stage in its’ full glory it’s a great moment of release.  The song has drama, a feature that really draws me into a song, and never oversteps the boundaries that keep it from going into an all-out EDM song.  One of my favourite songs so far this year.

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