Songs of the Month: June 2014

It’s officially summer now, and the songs I’ve listened to this month have generally been stereotypical summery pop songs or dance tracks.  Here are my favourites that I’ve added to my iTunes in June:

Adam and the Ants – “Stand and Deliver”

An 80s classic, with a guitar riff that is classic, I’m amazed that it took me this long to find this song.  It’s upbeat and fun throughout, with a touch of flamboyance thrown in for good measure.  You can’t listen to this song without it sticking in your mind, which is a good thing.

Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – “Changes”

“Changes” is a fantastic song with a groove that’s slow but makes you want to move all the same.  The trumpet solo for the chorus is a delight to listen to and as a whole the song is brilliant.  It’s minimalist, but very good.

Nero – “Satisfy”

Nero’s first song from their new album does a great job of taking their recognisable sound and doing something different with it.  Alana Watson’s sensuous vocals add the character to the driving, thumping bass that goes on behind them.  It doesn’t go overboard, and is all the better for it.

Jess Glynne – “Right Here”

With her first real solo single, Jess Glynne brings her strong voice and charm to a song that’s as soulful as it is poppy.  Without the electronic lead on her song as well she’s able to show off a little more, with a bit more arrogance to her performance.  If there’s more like this to come from Jess Glynne, she’ll go far.

Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill – “Gecko (Overdrive)”

In a year dominated by deep house, this song has done the best job of bridging the gap between the big dance songs and the new kid on the block.  Oliver Heldens rhythm in the background is loud in the best way while Becky Hill adds the emotion to the song.  They work together brilliantly to make a song that’s ideal for nights out.

Clean Bandit – “Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon)”

Another month, another fantastic Clean Bandit song – this was the best new song from their new album and is the epitomy of the unique brand of music they have come out with.   “Cologne” has slow R&B elements that are brilliant as well as a fun dancey chorus.  All this is tied together with the classical themes that are Clean Bandit’s trademark.  It’s maybe not quite up to par with their singles so far, but it’s a very interesting song.

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