Songs of the Month: February 2014

To start off what will hopefully be a series I can stick to, I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs of last month.  I’ll post a few songs that add up to around 20 minutes of music that I’ve listened to a lot in the last month, in no particular order or arrangement.  Although February is the shortest month, and there is little in the way of new albums etc., there are still some great tunes that I’ve added to my iTunes library in the last few weeks.

Clean Bandit – “Rather Be” feat. Jess Glynne

The UK number 1 for most of the month, it’s a strange mix between a soul and deep house song, with added cello to boot, that works really well.  The chorus was stuck in my head for more than a week when I first heard it, and after more than a few plays I’m not sick of it, so I think it’s a piece of pop gold and with its success, I’m sure plenty of others would agree.

Steve Aoki & Autoerotique vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – “Feedback”

I’m a big Steve Aoki fan, and to be honest many of his latest songs haven’t quite lived up to the older tunes that he put out.  However, with “Steve French” last month and “Feedback” in February, I think he’s getting back to his best.  A simple dance song that has the classic, trademark hallmarks of Aoki’s music – it’s a winner that I’m surprised hasn’t sold better.

The Primitives – “Crash”

Sometimes I’ll be walking down the street and, for no obvious reason whatsoever, a song that I’ve heard years before will pop into my head.  This is a prime example of such a song.   Where I “knew” it from, I have no idea, but what I do is that it’s a late 80s pop/rock song that is light and cheery and brings me a smile.

The Chainsmokers – “#Selfie”

This song toes the line between good and bad so finely, but judging by the number of times I’ve listened to it I reckon I like it. With an ironic voiceover that shows the horrors of modern Instagram culture (with the accompanying video being almost too cringey to watch at times), and what appears on first listen to be a more house-orientated version of Psy’s “Gentleman”, not everybody will like this song.  But the drops are fantastic, and if you take the verses as a joke, then the song is a work of genius.

The Chainsmokers vs. Dragonette – “Let It Go (Chainsmokers Filter No. 2)”

After liking The Chainsmokers’ Facebook page you are treated to a wealth of free tracks to download – which is brilliant in an age where music is kept under such lock and key.  This Dragonette remix is excellent with a light dance feel caught somewhere between a club track and a melodic background song.

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