Songs of the Month(s): January & February 2016

2016’s started quietly music wise.  Okay there’s been major announcements like my favourite band coming back and then announcing they’ll play at T in the Park, but new music’s been rather hard to come by so far this year.  That doesn’t mean there haven’t been good tunes around though, here’s a few of them:

Parade of Lights – “Feeling Electric”

Yet another FIFA soundtrack song that has wormed it’s way on to my iPod, “Feeling Electric” is a stylistic mash-up of Imagine Dragons and M83 and one that works just as well for it.  It’s happy, uplifting and has that anthemic quality that would make it a festival staple.

99 Souls – “The Girl is Mine” (feat. Destiny’s Child & Brandy)

I like this song because of its’ simplicity, being based off of a small Destiny’s Child sample but spinning it into a fresh and funky house track that sounds as modern as anything out there.

It’s the video that really sets this song apart though I think, with a very memorable motif behind it that’s lacking in the modern music video industry.

SOPHIE – “Nothing More to Say / Eeeeh”

This is a great track that manages to keep an old style 90s feel to it whilst being firmly placed in a fresh modern dance sound.  SOPHIE is an up-and-coming producer who has already made some fantastic songs that offer something refreshing compared to the usual offering of dance music nowadays, and so far this might just be his best effort.

Major Lazer – “Light it Up” (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG)

Major Lazer really took dance music by storm last year, and this gem off their album Peace is the Mission shows that they have plenty more in the bag.  Perhaps a more traditional dance song, although featuring trumpets and Reggae touches too, it’s one that’s really fun to listen to just the same as the likes of “Lean On” and maybe even better for the dancefloor.

Lucky Charmes – “Drop That Bass”

Much like SOPHIE, Lucky Charmes is a name that’s going to get a lot bigger in the music world soon enough – and “Drop the Bass” is another example of his unique style of dance music that will prove very popular in the current climate of upbeat deep house storming the charts.

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