Songs of the Month: May 2014

May’s been a month dominated by the spectre of revision for me, and the longing desire for summer, so it’s meant I’ve spent many an hour listening to my eclectic iTunes mix of music.  Here’s a few of the songs that I’ve played most often this month, with some new ones and old ones mixed in:

The Killers – “Just Another Girl”

One of the new songs from last year’s “Best Of” album by The Killers, Direct Hits, I really don’t think I gave “Just Another Girl” enough credit at first.  It’s got the same dustbowl ballad charm of of their last album Battle Born whilst maintaining a similar angsty tone as they did in their debut Hot Fuss.  Maybe it’s the best representation of The Killers’ catalogue in a single song, and that’s a great thing.

The Naked and Famous – “Punching In A Dream”

Yet another fantastic song that I’ve been introduced to through a FIFA soundtrack, this song captures a rather dark mood that I really liked.  It’s rubbery synths, crashing drums and soft but shouty lyrics make it really catchy.  The way in which the “chorus” layers synths on each other in a total release of anger and stress is perfect to listen to on a particular long day of studying.

Clean Bandit – “Extraordinary” (feat. Sharna Bass)

I’m really looking forward to Clean Bandit’s debut album coming out this week, as “Extraordinary” is the latest great track from it to have been released.  Their brand of uplifting, cheery house is just perfect and the combination with another great vocalist makes it a beautiful summery song.

The Chainsmokers vs. Tove Lo – “Habits” (Chainsmokers Remix)

“#Selfie” is going to be the song The Chainsmokers are known for from here to eternity but I think they really should get more credit for their brilliant (and free) remixes.  “Habits” is a song that’s made the charts in original form, and The Chainsmokers add in a fantastic drop that is reminiscent of Afrojack’s classic material of a few years ago.  A brilliant take on what is a rather good song anyway, it’s worth a play at least.

Crookers – “Royal T”

Italian DJs are pretty good at creating slightly off key dance/house tracks that sound great, and the Crookers are one of the best at it.  “Royal T” features Moloko’s (“The Time is Now”, “Sing it Back” etc.) Roisin Murphy and her slow sultry vocals end up kicking into a drum-driven funk that’s incredibly catchy and enjoyable, even if it gets a touch repetitive towards the end.

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