Songs of the Month: October 2015

Niteworks – “Beul na h-Oidhche”

‘S e seo a’ chiad òrain air an clàr ùr aig Niteworks ‘s fhathast tha mi den bheachd gun e am fear as fheàrr.  Tha e a’ toirt còmhla a h-uile pìos cìuil leis a tha Niteworks ag obrachadh agus ann an doigh soirbheachail ‘s soilleir.

The first song on Niteworks’ new album, this is still their best in my opinion.  It brings together all of the parts of Niteworks’ unique sound and does it in a clear and successful way.

KDA (feat. Tinie Tempah & Katy B) – “Turn the Music Louder” (Rumble)

Almost a boilerplate, dance by numbers track – this song contains all the elements needed to produce a chart hit in the modern day, and it proved it by reaching number 1.  It’s got a great house beat as a background, Tinie Tempah does his level best at MCing the thing and Katy B’s great vocals add plenty to the song as well.

Suzanne Vega – “Luka”

A bit of an 80s staple and a great record that seems to have fallen out of favour in radio airplay, even though it deserves it.  It’s a song that tells a story, something that’s rare nowadays, but one that’s beautifully sung and instrumentally strong too.

Metric – “Breathing Underwater”

Metric’s Emily Haines is arguably one of the best female vocalists around, putting contemporaries like Hayley Williams of Paramore in the shade.  This song brings together her amazing voice with an uplifting and airy melody that can’t fail to make you feel something.

Spencer Davis Group – “Keep On Running”

Going even more old-school is this 60s tune.  It’s a very stereotypical pop tune of the time, keeping things simple, short and to the point – but managing to work together some great melodies through it as well.  Older songs might not have the flair of synths and electric guitars, but they make up for that with the authentic sort of sound that the drums, the guitars and even the vocals have.

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