Songs of the Month: March 2015

This has been a month where I’ve broken out the quieter and more lo-fi tunes as much as possible, and they have been great at getting through the busy workload that the end of term always brings!

Lisa Mitchell – “Neopolitan Dreams”

A lovely soft song that is amazing at quietening things down, it’s one that was used once or twice in adverts in the late 2000s that just seem to evoke a certain memory of less hectic times that helps all the more.

Clean Bandit – “Stronger”

A band that seems to have the midas touch, they’ve really hit their stride in producing powerful pop tunes that are impossibly catchy.  This one has all the usual violins and punchy piano riffs that make them a joy to listen to again and again.

Ok Go – “Needing/Getting”

Known for their amazing videos, Ok Go are actually far more than just a visual showpiece but also a great band that produce some top tracks too.  This one gets the heartstrings going a bit as well, even though the straining guitars do their best to keep things anchored.  While you’ll want to see the awesome one-take video, the heart of the song lies in the studio version.

Echosmith – “Cool Kids”

An obscure pop song that has reared its head here and there lately, it’s got a great echoey (funnily enough) sound to it – as the vocals take centre stage in the verses and the catchy melody takes hold in the background.  Maybe the stuff of one-hit wonders, and even then hit might be a strong word, but still a good tune anyway.

Passion Pit – “Better Things”

Perhaps the only song from their debut Chunk of Change that I’ve not featured as one of my favourites at one point or another, until now, it’s a perfect piece of cheery pop with a great groove to it to boot.  It’s a song that is fantastic for cheering things up a bit!

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