Songs of the Month: July 2015

SOPHIE – “Lemonade”

This is one of the many weird, weird songs that I’ve graced my iPod with but one that’s ridiculously catchy perhaps just for that reason.  Repeating “lemonade, le-le-lemonade” over and over again isn’t the pinnacle of song-writing, but it lures you in with the bubbly synth drops before a quick chorus steals the show and the limelight.  It’s marketing gold for the likes of a McDonald’s ad, but a great little earworm too.

Kacey Musgraves – “Cup of Tea”

I’ve extolled the virtues of the great Kacey Musgraves on a review of her album on this blog already, but this tune deserves that extra bit of credit as well I think.  It’s catchy and it’s sweet and it can resonate with everyone.  It’s a toe-tapping country song that’s been stuck in my imagination all month and shows no sign of leaving soon.

CHVRCHES – “Leave a Trace”

Their new album is but two months away now, and this first track from it goes to show that the hype is justified and that CHVRCHES will be able to offer up another great LP.  It shows the same synthy flair that made the band what they are, but takes a much more poppy line with it this time around rather than the darker vibe that their first album produced.  September 25th can’t come soon enough, but this will certainly do ‘til then.

Nero – “Two Minds”

The new sound that Nero have been developing for themselves with their new tunes is breaking away from their dubstep roots into more mainstream dance and house tunes and “Two Minds” is maybe the best they’ve done yet.  They’ve kept their dark and bassy qualities but these work far better without the crashing halts that come with dubstep songs naturally.  This is a great song and a surefire winner if it’s released as a single.

Disclosure – “Holding On” (feat. Gregory Porter)

Another band that’s look to strike it lucky second time around as well is Disclosure.  Once again their new album will feature a range of guest stars ranging from the well-known names such as Sam Smith to the relative unknowns like this track’s singer Gregory Porter.  This shows that the duo are going to keep going in the same vein they have before, with the classic house formula that works for them so well.  Album 2, Caracal, is also out on the 25th of September – which is shaping up to be a big day!


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