Songs of the Month: July 2017

July and August, so far, haven’t been particularly kind to me – and that’s meant my usual music discovery hasn’t been quite as thorough as it has been earlier in the year.

Still though, there’s a couple of tunes that are definitely worth sharing as usual.

Selena Gomez – “Bad Liar”

Formerly a bit of a pop princess, it’s interesting that Selena Gomez’ new songs are a bit edgier and tend to be inherently a lot more listenable than most other pop tunes out there.  This one has a softly spoken, stream of consciousness to it that breaks into an incredibly simple and catchy chorus, and is pretty endearing because of it.

Dagny – “Wearing Nothing”

Scandi pop is enjoying something of a revival with the likes of Zara Larsson and recently Brigit making waves in the charts with their own brands.

This song is made all the better by the drop in the chorus being really expansive and enveloping you in sound, it’s not just another banger in the crowd.  That’s what makes it worth listening to.

Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”

A classic rock song that’s been brought prominently to my attention by none other than the new teenage-orientated Spiderman film, who’d have thunk it?  Everyone will know the “Hey-ho, let’s go” part of this – and it’s a great song for creating some energy and life about things.

Wiley – “Wearing My Rolex”

Speaking of classics, this one from around a decade ago has re-surfaced in my mind and is another hilarious and catchy pop rap song from Wiley.  It only runs for 2 minutes but still manages to repeat itself over and over again, but has a sound to it that’s still pretty modern and still very good.

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