Songs of the Month: April 2017

What’s been a great year for music continues with some stellar tracks this month too. The theme, if there is one as such, might be that of redemption – with the artists here all releasing songs I really like after hitting a perhaps less than golden patch of music.

As a heads-up for next month, though, there’s expected to be new CHVRCHES music and LCD Soundsystem perhaps too – so these tracks should count themselves lucky to enjoy their time in the limelight before being overshadowed and then some.

Kygo & Selena Gomez – “It Ain’t Me”

This is really an oversight from March, but one that’s somehow survived the plague of MFR repeats. This almost feels like a country song when you listen to the lyrics, just that it’s been sung by Selena Gomez and got Kygo doing the instrumental behind it. It’s a strange infusion on paper, but all these elements work together to make a memorable song that creates a strong connection when you hear it properly.

MØ – “Nights With You”

All of MØ’s songs sound deeply honest, and entirely believable – which is really refreshing in pop music. This is no different, being essentially a love letter to a friend – wanting to spend time with them no matter what their other half will say. All this is done with a dark but deep bassy feel through it that adds some drama and depth to the song. It’s really powerful and if you’re into MØ’s style then it’s worth checking out.

Clean Bandit – “Symphonies” (feat. Zara Larsson)

A return to form for Clean Bandit, whose last few songs have their between a bit too “off-brand” or have failed to match the energy and emotion that their original tunes had.

Teaming up with Zara Larsson, who’s pretty much everywhere in pop at the moment, was a masterstroke – with her sweet but strong vocals being a perfect match for the trademark strings and bass arrangement that Clean Bandit do so well.

This is more like it from Clean Bandit and another nod towards a new album that might well be as good as their last.

Paramore – “Hard Times”

With the tumultuous few years Paramore have had since even before their self-titled album of 2013, you’d have thought their new record would be a tentative effort, but nope. “Hard Times” is a complete sea change of a Paramore song, blending the new styles of returning Zac Farro, with some new influences that make the song sound like a cross between CHVRCHES and Talking Heads.

It’s such a fun song, but all about how being down and out feels so awful – and with that message and Hayley Williams’ signature vocals it still manages to feel like a Paramore song just about.

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