Songs of the Month: August 2014

This month’s songs have a distinctly electronic feel to them, as some of my favourite artists have begun to put out new material – just as the summer draws to an end!  Generally these songs aren’t too heavy going, but aren’t out of place in either a club or simply listening to them alone.  Without further ado, here’s my five songs of the month:

Zhu – “Faded”

Toeing the line brilliantly between a deep club song and a lighter, more ambient track; “Faded” is great to listen to.  It’s simple, with only four lines of vocals to it, but when the bass kicks in near the start of the song it takes on a different atmosphere completely.  It probably didn’t quite get the sort of attention it deserved in the charts, but it’s definitely one of the better songs of the year.

Porter Robinson – “Fellow Feeling”

A song that starts off so beautifully and so serene quickly turns into a sort of nightmare, that almost makes you wonder if it can be classed as a song at all, as a tortured voice gives a glimpse into her madness and Porter Robinson unleashes one of the most broken beats he’s ever released.  It is an amazing palate cleanser, and a great track, as it is a truly unique song that makes you want to listen again and again.

Karen O – “Rapt”

Short and sweet like Karen herself, the first song off of her upcoming solo album Crush Songs is a fantastic little tune that is sung beautifully despite the underlying resentment in the song.  A jilted soul, masked by a sort of artificial acoustic recording, it really packs in a lot of feeling into a short space of time.

Duke Dumont – “Won’t Look Back”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, deep house has dominated the charts this year – and this is just the latest from the genre that has hit the top of the charts.  It’s Duke Dumont’s heaviest hit so far, with “I Got U” and “Need U 100%” being a little more on the poppy side, but the strong vocals and a drop to match make it my favourite Duke song as well.

Knife Party – “Resistance”

It’s been eagerly awaited, and Knife Party’s latest single hasn’t disappointed with the act’s trademark take on electro house once again hitting the spot.  It’s not quite as hard hitting as the past two openers from KP, but “Resistance” is certainly another song to add to the playlist for when things get a bit later into the night.  It’s got a sample of The Simpsons, for God’s sake, how can’t you like it?

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