I’ve written over a 100 blogs now and wading through them all to get a gist of my writing could take some time.  Here I’ve compiled some of my own personal favourite blog posts that I think you should read!:

The Blueprint for Independence

Published: 27/11/13        Category: Politics

This post summarises the Scottish Government’s white paper on independence, “Scotland’s Future”, in great detail and explains exactly what their vision of an independent Scotland would entail.

The Decline of YouTube Gaming

Published: 16/12/13        Category: Video Games

Gaming on YouTube may be a foreign concept to most people, but this post not only outlines how it boomed in the past and how it is currently undergoing a decline in quality and viewership.

My Top 40 Songs of 2013

Published: 27/12/13        Category: Music

I’ve made a list of my favourite songs of the year for a while now, and this post explains my choices for 2013 along with embedded Spotify players for each track and a little description of why each song was included.

Am Faod Mi Facal Iasad? (Can I Borrow a Word?)

Published: 20/01/14        Category: Gàidhlig

Tha an artaigail seo a’coimhead air na faclan a tha Beurla air iasad bhon a’Ghàidhlig, an aite an rathad eile, agus a’sealltainn gu bheil feadhainn de na abairtean as cumanta do Albannaich a’tighinn às a Ghàidhlig.

This post looks at the words that English has borrowed from Gaelic, rather than the other way around, and shows how many of the most common phrases to Scots come from Gaelic.

Scottish League Champions Without the Old Firm

Published: 23/01/14        Category: Football

Out of interest I researched the effect of removing Celtic and Rangers from top division football in Scotland would have on the successes of other teams.  I think it’s a really interesting look at how competitive the game would be in this country without the dominance of the Old Firm.

Football’s Oligarchy

Published: 31/01/14        Category: Football

Football is a game of the people, but it isn’t run by the people.   This blog shows the injustices that are inherent at the top of the game, and looks to see if anything can be done about it.

House of Cards – Season 2: Review

Published: 10/03/14        Category: TV & Film

I absolutely loved House of Cards and this review not only shows how it is one of the most finely crafted television series around at the minute but also goes into depth (with spoilers saved until page 2) into the events of the show’s second season.

The Clegg Without Bite

Published: 28/03/14        Category: Politics

I’m not a fan of Nick Clegg, and in this post I outline the reasons why I think his leadership of the Liberal Democrats has not only doomed them to failure in the next election cycle but also doomed his reputation as a politician.

iTunes – A Necessary Evil

Published: 15/04/14        Category: Technology

This blog shows how much I loathe iTunes, and points out the many, many flaws that I find with it on a daily basis, but I also explain how there is little alternative to using Apple’s sub-standard music player.

Titanfall Review

Published: 25/04/14        Category: Video Games

Titanfall is one of the best new multiplayer games to appear on the video game market in years, and this review goes into great detail in explaining why it is quite so good, but also not the home run it could have been.

Na Fuadaichean: Air Dhiochuimhneachadh? (Have We Forgotten the Clearances?)

Published: 27/04/14        Category: Gàidhlig

Tha am blog seo a’coimhead air mar a thachair Na Fuadaichean Gàidhealach, an droch bhuaidh a thug e air an sgìre, agus mar a tha e coltach gu bheil sinn air dhiochuimhneachadh mar cultur mu dheidhinn an sgrios a thachair san dùthaich againn fhèin.

This blog looks at what happened during the Highland Clearances, the terrible impact it had on the region, and how it appears as though we, as a culture, have forgotten about the disaster that happened in our own country.

100: Why I Write

Published: 29/04/14        Category: Personal

In my 100th post, I look into the reasons behind my love of writing, and why I hope to continue doing so in a career as a journalist.

Why I’m Voting Yes

Published: 18/08/14 Category: Politics

My own personal reasons why I am voting Yes in Scotland’s independence referendum and why I believe it is a chance in a lifetime we’d regret not taking.

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