T in the Park 2016 hitlist

T in the Park is just under a week away and I’m now at the point where I can barely contain my excitement for it.

It’s been a little while since I’ve festivaled, and in the absence of a “proper” summer holiday this year the three days spent at Strathallan will be the best getaway I’ll have all year.

While the line-up isn’t as strong throughout as it has been in other years, each day has it’s highlight that will be more than worth seeing, with Sunday in particular having the highest of likelihoods of being an incredible life milestone for me.

Here’s who I plan to see at T in the Park this year and why:


Oliver Heldens

Friday is shaping up to be “dance day” at T this year, and what better way to start than with the pioneer of deep house of late Oliver Heldens.  Playing a big stage might not be quite the same atmosphere that most of his songs shoot for, but it sure will be interesting to see quite how it’s done.

Songs: “Can’t Stop”, “Koala”, “Gecko” (Overdrive)


This should be one of those great festival shows where thousands of people get together under a mild summer’s night and jump along to some loud and airy dance tunes, and this time at T Alesso is well known enough to have plenty of tunes that will encourage to get everyone moving.

Songs: “Years”, “Cool”, “Heroes” (We Could Be)


Disclosure have made the transition I think from being a slightly underground house duo to one that’s much more mainstream, and their slot on the main stage this year is well deserved.

I missed them at T two years ago and think I’ll more than make up for it this year, with the new songs from their latest album “Caracal” adding to some of the amazing tracks that they’d already released last time they visited the festival.

It should be a great gig, and it’s high on my must-see list.

Songs: “F For You”, “Holding On”, “Magnets”, “Latch”



Jess Glynne

I think Jess Glynne is probably the best British singer out there at the moment, certainly in terms of how good her voice is, and this should be a stunning show packed full of her hits and showing of just how impressive she is.

Songs: “Hold My Hand”, “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself”, “Rather Be”

Calvin Harris

Perhaps the highlight of T in the Park when I last went two years ago, Calvin Harris on the main stage on Saturday night is sure to put on a show.  He’s got a great talent for mixing in a wide range of his songs with other big tunes of the day and it makes for an amazing club-style atmosphere even though there’s thousands jumping around in front of him.

Songs: “Outside”, “Pray to God”, “This is What You Came For”



The Lightning Seeds

Thankfully England aren’t still in Euro 2016 contention at this stage, so the singing of “Three Lions” won’t be unbearable,so with the balance of probabilities The Lightning Seeds should put on a fantastic, if a little more sedate, gig on the Sunday.  They’ve got a string of hits that everybody will know and should have plenty experience of getting the crowd going, so this is one to look out for.

Songs: “Three Lions”, “Pure”


Major Lazer

Before heading up the Wah Wah tent for the night, Diplo’s making an appearance as Major Lazer over on the Radio 1 Stage and this is set to have the mass appeal that everyone loves at festivals.

With a string of recent hits, and some fantastic older ones there too, this should be an amazing gig that sets the stage very nicely for the follow-up act to come…

Songs: “Pon de Floor”, “Get Free”, “Light it Up”, “Lean On”


LCD Soundsystem

I don’t even know how I’ll feel at this point, when after six/seven years of them being my favourite band I’ll finally get the chance to see LCD Soundsystem live, but what I can absolutely guarantee is it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

The setlists they have rolled out already this year have essentially been a collection of some of my all-time favourite songs, and the way the festival builds up towards having my favourite song by my favourite band on a stage in front of thousands of people on a summer’s night are the stuff dreams are made of.

The ticket to T was worth it for this alone, I cannot wait for this.


Songs: “Someone Great”, “Synths!”, “Losing My Edge”, “All My Friends”


So that’s how T in the Park is shaping up for me, but there are plenty other bands there that there’s a chance I’ll see or I’ll be to busy watching someone else to catch.   These include The Stone Roses, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers For a full experience, without the possibility of rain, check out this great catch-all playlist I found from Skiddle UK featuring most of the big names that are playing at Strathallan this year:

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