Songs of the Month: April 2015

While there’s never any real attempt or effort when I write these monthly list of songs to pick a set of songs with a common theme, it often turns out with the way my music taste and listening habits work that you’ll see a link between many of the tunes I pick.  This month there’s a definite feel that each of these songs have gone under the radar a little, with them all being great songs that are more than deserving of some attention but that haven’t or won’t because of their own individual circumstances.  As always, feel free to listen and see if you agree!:

George Ezra – “Listen to the Man”

It’s almost impossible not to like George Ezra.  The guy’s barely into his twenties and has the raspy, soulful voice of a 50 year old blues veteran and his self-penned tunes always manage to hit the right notes to make you feel.  This is just the latest one of his songs that have done the rounds and it’s one that hasn’t got quite enough attention I feel.

Galantis – “Runaway” (U + I)

Dance songs are funny in that some of them don’t have to be all that original or new but if they nail the basics and add in a few little thrills and frills here and there they can be something a bit special.  This is one of them, with the soft and slow verses and shouty bridge being standard fare for modern pop but with the little things like the echo on the shouts and the key change in the drop just kicking the song up a notch.  It’s not a world-changer, but it’s one that you’ll not tire of hearing.

Shamir – “On the Regular”

“212” is one of my favourite songs, and when I first heard this it sounded like some sort of modern successor.  It’s a quick and chirpy rap that I’m sure many will find hideously annoying but one that I find tremendously catchy and just a bit fun.

Matrix & Futurebound – “Control” (feat. Max Marshall)

One of those that gets lost in the iTunes library, this is a light and breezy drum and bass song that is not one of the songs you’d remember from a night out but one that everyone could enjoy while it’s simple and happy melody keeps skipping along in the background.  It’s a refreshing song in some sort of ways, and I’m glad to have found it.

Passion Pit – “Until We Can’t” (Let’s Go)

The last song to be released before their album Kindred, this was the sort of old euphoric Passion Pit song that I was hoping would be strewn throughout their album – with a chorus that is able to make you really get going.  The album was a bit disappointing, so much so that I haven’t given it enough of a listen to review it properly yet, but this is one of the highlights.

Kygo – “Firestone”

“Firestone” manages to keep a soft and soulful melody whilst fitting in a nice, quiet and restrained drop that doesn’t seem too out of place which is no mean feat.  It’s definitely an understated song, but while that would consign many other tracks to the graveyard of memory this one shines through almost because of it.

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