Galantis – “The Aviary”: Review

Dance music is often criticised for being all the same. There’s so many artists out there trying to replicate the successes of the likes of Avicii or Calvin Harris that they forget to forge their own style, and simply follow what seems to “work”.

One duo that do things differently, though, are Galantis – and on new album The Aviary they manage to bring their own signature style to a brand new set of songs.

Galantis’ last album, Pharmacy, was one I loved and had a unique lineup of fun and lively dance music with a distinct use of vocals and drops.  The Aviary builds on this, but doesn’t quite have the same song-by-song level of intrigue.

What is most disappointing are the songs that build up to something and then let things down.  Case and point is “Hunter”, which is really promising in the way it builds to the drop, and then all that energy is lost.  A minimalist approach to dance music is pretty common nowadays, but when it skimps on the actual dance part it misses the point.

While most of the songs here are new, some of Galants’ recent singles have made the cut.  “Love on Me” and “No Money” are both quintessentially good pop songs that feature the slightly distorted vocals and cheery vibe that makes them ideal for clubs anywhere.  This is when Galantis are at their best, and it’s clear to see why these do so well – especially when put alongside some other tracks that are a bit more bland.

One notable omission from the album is “Rich Boy”, a single they released earlier in the year that I absolutely loved.  Why they left it off I don’t quite know, as it fits well with other tunes on there and would add a bit more energy to the middle section.  I’d recommend listening to it just after the album, as it does add to it a fair bit.

The two highlights for me are “Tell Me You Love Me” and “Call Me Home”, which both deliver in spades when it comes to the drops you want to hear.  The thing about Galantis songs of earlier albums that interest me so much is when the drop comes you’re surprised by how it goes but it has so much energy and fun to it that you instantly get into it.  These songs have that, whereas the rest of the album leaves you wanting just a little more.

If you’re a Galantis fan, or are into your dance music, then this album is definitely worth checking out.  There’s not many new tracks on there that have the same chart appeal as the ones you’ll have heard, but there’s plenty that’s different – and that’s always good amongst the crowd of similar dance tunes out there.

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