Let’s stay in the EU

The European Union isn’t perfect, but as an organisation it has been an incredible force for good across Europe and the UK has played an important role in leading it forward. The EU was formed after World War II to promote international solidarity across the continent as it struggled to rebuild after decades of conflict.  The founding principle of the EU is that by engaging in trade and co-operating with fellow European countries that Europe will be safer, stronger and more prosperous.  And that’s exactly — Read more →

Introducing: The Aberdeen WordPress Theme

My websites have received a bit of a facelift over the last week as I’ve rolled out my first ever WordPress theme built from scratch, which I’ve titled after where it was built: Aberdeen. It’s been designed from the underscores template, which gives the barest of bones from which to build a functional WordPress theme.  With a bit of graft I’ve managed to put together what I think is a pretty stylish theme which I’m pretty happy with! I wanted something that looked similar to — Read more →

Seeing the Android Light

I hath wandered in the technological desert for two years but salvation has come in the form of a Samsung Galaxy A3. It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I wasn’t a fan of my old phone – the Nokia Lumia.  I’ve written before about the pitfalls of having a Windows Phone as your weapon of choice, and rather than these issues being ironed out over time as you bear the burden of them, things actually got worse.  The lack of good apps — Read more →

Summer Project 2015: Ross & Cromarty CAB

Summer to some means sitting outside in the sun and going off on holidays, but for me – at least over the last few years – it’s meant the chance to work on some interesting projects and earn some money for the year of uni ahead.  It might not quite sound as fun, and my tan definitely doesn’t benefit much from it, but it’s always great spending the summer building something that will leave a legacy. This summer I was working for the Ross & — Read more →

Why I’m Voting SNP

I remember writing a piece last year on here about the European elections and explaining why I’d vote SNP then but wouldn’t call myself an SNP supporter.  I couldn’t see myself tying down to their political vision at the time, even though I was becoming more and more enamoured with the idea of independence. And in terms of being a a supporter of the party nothing has changed.  What I would never have imagined though was the turn of events between then and now that would — Read more →