Summer Project 2015: Ross & Cromarty CAB

Summer to some means sitting outside in the sun and going off on holidays, but for me – at least over the last few years – it’s meant the chance to work on some interesting projects and earn some money for the year of uni ahead.  It might not quite sound as fun, and my tan definitely doesn’t benefit much from it, but it’s always great spending the summer building something that will leave a legacy. This summer I was working for the Ross & — Read more →

Why I’m Voting SNP

I remember writing a piece last year on here about the European elections and explaining why I’d vote SNP then but wouldn’t call myself an SNP supporter.  I couldn’t see myself tying down to their political vision at the time, even though I was becoming more and more enamoured with the idea of independence. And in terms of being a a supporter of the party nothing has changed.  What I would never have imagined though was the turn of events between then and now that would — Read more →

Building my own radio station

Sitting at work for hours on end behind a desk can be tough, even if you have a job you love and work with great people who keep you going.  Music is one of the only things that can really keep people’s spirits up even as the clock ticks ever more slowly towards hometime.  But that only rings true if the music is good. Over the last few weeks at work I’ve been sat and stuck listening to Moray Firth Radio.  To say that its — Read more →

My Video Game Slump

Do you ever get the feeling at some point where you slowly realise that something or someone that you used to have great fun with, spend a lot of time with and really care about doesn’t actually do all of those things any more.  It’s not necessarily an overnight thing, and there’s not necessarily a reason for it, but it’s definitely not the same.  As melodramatic as it may seem, that’s how I’ve felt about video games for the last few months.  The thing is — Read more →

My Top 10 Films of 2014

Although perhaps not quite as strong as 2013, there’s been a wide range of great films this year. I’ve tried to see as many as possible as a good way of spending a Wednesday night, and although there was a sort of polarisation in that the best films came out either at the start or the end of the year – I think on the whole I’ve been able to see some really enjoyable and memorable movies at the cinema. There are a few that — Read more →