Your Guide to the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections

When is the election and what’s being decided? The election takes place between 7am and 10pm on Thursday the 5th of May.  The people of Scotland will elect 129 MSPs to serve the next five years in the Scottish Parliament.  The party with the most MSPs will form the next Scottish Government. The Scottish Government is in charge of areas such as healthcare, education, policing. There will also be new powers over income tax, some welfare payments and other social issues to be decided by — Read more →

UKIP 2016 election manifesto summary

Brexit Oppose political integration within Europe Leave the European Union Taxation Oppose higher taxes in Scotland than the rest of the UK Lower business rates and cut red tape Oppose the ‘Bedroom Tax’ Introduce a 30% rate of tax and lower the higher rate to 40% Oppose the introduction of business rates on sporting estates. Education Open Grammar and Technical schools in Scotland Reduce average class sizes in P1-3 to 20 children per class and ensure the cap on the biggest class size allowable of — Read more →

Lib Dems 2016 election manifesto summary

Education Expand early education to give every child a good start, and flexibility for parents A Pupil Premium for extra support and better attainment in every classroom A wider curriculum, with inspiring new online courses and engagement with business Build back up our colleges, with new courses to train for the skills we need Support for universities and science, including more women in science, technology, engineering and maths Business engaged with schools and colleges, and shaping apprentice programmes on a sector skills basis Health Transform — Read more →

RISE 2016 election manifesto summary

Independence & Democracy A second independence referendum in the next Parliament A community led convention to reform local democracy A consultative referendum on the British monarchy Elected RISE officials will only accept a workers wage Tax Increase the top rate of tax to 60% A special tax avoidance team to target those avoiding, evading or manipulating the tax system Introduce a Scottish Service Tax, replacing Council Tax with an income-based tax. Work to implement a Scottish Land Value Tax A whisky tax of £1 per — Read more →

Green 2016 manifesto summary

Economy Green MSPs will push for fair pay, decent jobs, workers’ rights and opportunities for cooperative enterprise. We will support Scotland’s energy industries to begin a large-scale transition into renewable energy generation, design and research, creating over 200,000 jobs in sustainable industries. We call for better support to help people find work and an end to the sanctions that punish those who can’t find a job. Society and care Introduce a Living Wage Plus. We want to raise the basic rate of pay for all social care staff. Increase the Carer’s Allowance to recognise the — Read more →