Facebook Reactions reactions

Changing the way in which we use social networks can often be a very tricky task for the developers behind them.  People aren’t massive fans of changes, especially to things that become staples within their day-to-day lives. It’s likely this is the reason why it took so long before Facebook rolled out its new Reactions, which today has added new dimensions to the classic Like button and potentially change the service in a massive way. On the surface it’s been an idea that’s been around — Read more →

Are EU in or out?

After marathon talks stretching over two days, David Cameron has returned to Britain championing his new deal with Europe as a victory, and one that makes staying within the EU a much easier choice. The starting gun on the referendum has now been fired this morning too, with the date being set for Thursday 23rd June, just four months away. The question now for Britain is should we stay or should we go. The public seems split down the middle on whether we should remain — Read more →

Gàidhlig air Google Translate

Thàinig adhartas don Ghàidhlig an-dè nuair a chuir Google Translate a chànan air-loidhne airson ‘s gum b’ urrainn daoine eadar-theangachadh bhuaithe gu cànanan eile. Thathar air a bhith ag obair air Gàidhlig airson Google Translate fad ùine a-nis.  Tha làrach aca far am faod thu beagan eadar-theangachadh a dhèanamh dhaibh air abairtean a bha tric air an lorg air Google airson gum biodh fhios na b’ fheàrr aig an t-siostam de dè bha faclan sa Bheurla ciallachadh sa Ghàidhlig.  Tha an siostam cuideachd air obrachadh — Read more →

A decision that could save lives

Parliament said no, but you should say yes

Last night a bill aimed at saving hundreds of lives every year failed at Holyrood, and somehow it isn’t top of the news agenda.  The Transplantation (Authorisation of Removal of Organs etc.) (Scotland) Bill, introduced by Labour MSP Anne McTaggart last year, failed by 59 votes to 56, as the SNP Government voted against the measure. The bill was aimed at changing the way in which people are registered to become organ donors in favour of an opt-out approach that would automatically include everyone who — Read more →

Iowa Caucuses 2016

The Iowa Caucuses are where the hopes and dreams of Presidential candidates are first tested in America, and the job of screening the next occupier of the White House is one that residents of the mid-West state are proud to hold. This year’s Iowa Caucuses have proved just as interesting as they have in the past, with both the Democratic and Republican races throwing up surprise results that leave each race as wide open as ever. Democrats Hillary Clinton looks set to win Iowa by — Read more →