My Top 40 Songs of 2015

2015 has really not been the best year for myself and I’m sure many other people.  There’s no real getting around that.   But one of the things that has been key in keeping me going this year, well at least more so than ever, has been music. While 2015 might have been a year to forget in so many ways, the music from it will live long on my iPod as a reminder that it wasn’t all so bad.  There have been some exceptional albums released — Read more →

The dissolution of the ties that bind

On my travels across the internet I found this stellar comment from before this year’s General Election which so eloquently puts the fall of Britishness and why Scotland feels like it no longer belongs that I felt it was worth saving.  It was posted in response to a Gerry Hassan article on Open Democracy, titled “The tartan tsunami and how it will change Scotland and the UK for good” A lot of good thoughts here, good observations, especially about the hurt and sense of dislocation — Read more →

A frozen budget for Scotland

Today John Swinney announced the draft Scottish budget for 2016-17, the final of this current SNP administration and a significant one in terms of Scotland’s future.  This was the first budget in which new powers over income tax and housing were available to the Scottish Parliament, courtesy of the 2012 Scotland Act, and perhaps the last one before the more comprehensive package of new powers is devolved to the Parliament through the current Scotland bill. While the SNP will try to position it as a — Read more →

(Anyone but) Trump for America

The Iowa Caucuses are just six weeks away, and that means the real race for the Presidency in America is just about to get underway – but this year, more than ever in recent years, both nominations seem as though they are already sewn up. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in to be selected as the first ever female Presidential candidate for one of the big two parties.  She’s got a big lead over Bernie Sanders in the polls and has the name — Read more →

The new Scottish League Cup

Last night, the powers-that-be at the SPFL announced a new format for the League Cup that will see the competition radically overhauled from the start of next season.  While towards the latter stages of the competition it’s just as you’ll know it, the start of the new format sees a group stage and a move towards summer football. In an industry not known for its positive or exciting innovation, I think the SPFL has come good here, despite the critics. First of all, here’s how — Read more →