The post war extreme right in Italy and Germany

Download PDF The modern extreme right phenomenon in Europe is found in many nations across the continent, with varying degrees of political success for each party coming from differences in ideology, policy and acceptance by the public and political institutions. All of this is often put into the context of the extreme right that existed in Europe before the modern era, before World War II.  This type of extreme right political thought and action was defined more so as fascism or Nazism, and was demonstrably — Read more →

The Syrian Airstrikes Debate

In a world of vanishingly fewer moral absolutes, one thing is certain: that ISIL are a disgrace to civilisation and must be ended. We need to learn lessons of the past and go about defeating ISIL in a thoughtful and more balanced way, and airstrikes can, and must, only be the first step in doing that. In order to stop the vicious cycle of bombing, war and terrorism we need support of Arab countries in building a coalition against ISIL. Without them, this is another — Read more →

Songs of the Month: November 2015

November’s been a very strange month, and mostly bad as well, so it’s meant that music and writing have both very much taken a back seat to life. Here are three songs that, in their own way, have made up the story of my month: CHVRCHES – “Up in Arms” My favourite band came to Aberdeen on the 23rd and it was a delight to see them live again.  Their set was full of fight and fun and was exactly what I’d hoped it would — Read more →