Nous sommes avec Paris

Paris was once again the scene of unspeakable tragedy last night as dozens of innocent lives were lost to the actions of cowardly terrorists. While the full timeline of events and the full list of casualties is still understandably unclear, what is clear is that Paris came under a planned and multi-faceted attack by terrorists whose aim was to kill indiscriminately. There were three separate attacks that took place simultaneously, with gunmen storming the Bataclan concert venue and killing over 80 people, gunmen attacking restaurants — Read more →

The new Scottish Parliament

The newest version of the Scotland Bill, designed to give Scotland more powers in the wake of its flirtation with independence, has cleared the House of Commons and will now be pored over in the House of Lords before being offered to the Scottish Parliament to accept.  It’s the culmination of over a year’s worth of debate and discussion about how best to devolve power to the Scottish Parliament whilst keeping it firmly within the Union.  Whether it manages to do either successfully is yet — Read more →

Rangers and their EBTs

The Rangers saga is almost never-ending, and this week’s ruling that their infamous EBT use could well have helped them on the way to their league titles is not a surprise.  Rangers cheated the system off-the-field and of course that meant they were able to sign and keep some talented players that helped them on the way to league championships. EBTs (Employer Benefit Trusts) were used by Rangers to pay their players huge sums of money and to do so by avoiding the usual PAYE — Read more →

Songs of the Month: October 2015

Niteworks – “Beul na h-Oidhche” ‘S e seo a’ chiad òrain air an clàr ùr aig Niteworks ‘s fhathast tha mi den bheachd gun e am fear as fheàrr.  Tha e a’ toirt còmhla a h-uile pìos cìuil leis a tha Niteworks ag obrachadh agus ann an doigh soirbheachail ‘s soilleir. The first song on Niteworks’ new album, this is still their best in my opinion.  It brings together all of the parts of Niteworks’ unique sound and does it in a clear and successful — Read more →