The War against ISIL

War is what they want, and war is what they'll get

With Friday’s raid on a Malian hotel, which left almost 30 people dead, islamists have killed the citizens of all five permanent UN Security Council members (US, UK, Russia, China & France) – managing to unite the most powerful nations in the world against them.  This is perhaps the only feat that can be said to be impressive of ISIL, although it leaves their strategic capabilities with much to be desired. And on Friday the Security Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning ISIL’s actions and — Read more →

Gaelic broadcasting’s wider role

Download PDF With reference to the current Gaelic Digital Service, discuss how the outcomes of Gaelic media broadcasting might extend beyond MG Alba’s objective of ensuring that “high quality television programmes in Gaelic are made available to persons in Scotland”. What evidence exists to support your answer?   Just as the advances in Gaelic Medium Education can be said to have dominated Gaelic development discourse through the 1980s and 1990s, the advances in Gaelic broadcasting have taken centre stage thus far in the 21st century. — Read more →

Who votes for extreme right parties in Western Europe?

Download PDF Understanding the phenomena of the extreme right can be difficult, and despite extensive academic discussion of the parties’ place on the political spectrum, conclusions on its ideology and of connected voting behaviour remain incomplete. This essay will discuss the current state of the extreme right polity, examining the socio-demographic and attitudinal factors that seem to suggest a propensity to vote for extreme right parties in elections in Western Europe.  This will include academic research into the explanations of who votes for the parties — Read more →

PushBullet gets the bullet

I’ve had an Android phone for about three months now and I’m still loving it.  It’s packed full of useful features and an app store that lets you do almost anything with it. The app that I probably like best on my phone at the moment is Pushbullet.  It’s an amazing app that lets you sync your notifications and texts between your phone and computer and lets you have a universal copy and paste functionality between the two.  All this was handled neatly through a — Read more →

Introducing: The Aberdeen WordPress Theme

My websites have received a bit of a facelift over the last week as I’ve rolled out my first ever WordPress theme built from scratch, which I’ve titled after where it was built: Aberdeen. It’s been designed from the underscores template, which gives the barest of bones from which to build a functional WordPress theme.  With a bit of graft I’ve managed to put together what I think is a pretty stylish theme which I’m pretty happy with! I wanted something that looked similar to — Read more →