Narcos – Season 1: Review

It was gonna take something rather special to knock House of Cards off its’ perch as the top Netflix own show, but the debut season of Narcos definitely stakes a very strong claim to be the king of the castle with an explosive story that intrigues and delights in equal measure. Narcos tells the story of the godfather of drug kingpins, Pablo Escobar, and the efforts of the Colombian police, Government and the US DEA to catch him.  It follows a very Wire-esque feel of — Read more →

17 and counting

As much as you’d think we’d be getting used to it, last night Scotland once again experienced the pain of failure as our Euro 2016 dreams were shattered.  Despite hope and optimism that this could be our chance, once again we’ve come up short.  Scottish football is at its lowest ebb. So what went wrong this time?  We had a tough group, and one in which we were 4th seeds, but under Gordon Strachan we went into the qualifying campaign with optimism and even though — Read more →

State of the Polls: October 2015

With the summer now a distant memory and eyes turning towards what the next era in politics will bring with the new Labour reign of Jeremy Corbyn, opinion polls have been abound in the UK trying to sketch out what the political landscape looks like.  Many polling companies are still reeling from the industry-wide disaster that was the May General Election, but those that have re-entered the fray have made for some interesting results. This month also features the start of polling for next year’s — Read more →

The Enemy Within

America's dangerous love affair with guns

Last week we saw the latest mass shooting in America where innocent lives were lost at the hands of a gunman whose sole intention was to use his weapon to commit the most grievous disruption he could.  The weapon was bought legally, and despite the obvious mental health issues that someone whose decision to kill people must face, there was only minimal checks on whether he was fit and capable to own such a devastating tool.  Guns have always been a part of American society, — Read more →

Songs of the Month: September 2015

September was a month whose sonic soundscape was dominated by the release of a few choice albums for me.  CHVRCHES’ new album Every Open Eye was an absolute triumph and similarly Disclosure’s second album Caracal managed to produce a few good tunes that added to their catalogue of house masterpieces. So I’ll kick off with the one tune that stood on its own two feet for me before picking over the highlights of those two fine albums. Major Lazer – “Get Free” If you’re familiar — Read more →