Niteworks – NW: Review

I often thought that a mix of traditional Highland music and electronic dance music could make a good genre, and I have looked around for it for a while.  Martyn Bennett’s music is definitely the closest to it, but as fantastic as he was it’s desperately sad that he died over ten years ago now.  I hadn’t heard the like of his music from anyone else, until this month. Niteworks have been around for a bit as it turns out, but this month sees the — Read more →

Niteworks – NW: Ath-sgrùdadh

Bha mi tric den bheachd gun dèanadh measgachadh de chiùil caran tradiseanta ‘s Gàidhealach ‘s ciùil dannsa eileagtronaigeach gu math, agus bha mi gal org fad ùine.  ‘S e an ceòl aig Martyn Bennett as fhaisge dhi, ach cho math ‘s a bha e gu sònraichte bochd chaoicheal e barrachd ‘s deich bliadhna air ais a-nis.  Cha robh mi air a leithid de cheòl a’ chluinntinn bho daoine sam bidh eile, gus a’ mhìos seo. Tha Niteworks air a bhith mun cuairt airson ùine a-nis — Read more →

The Android Facebook contact fix

For the last few weeks or so, Facebook updates to the Android have meant that the app’s previously very useful contact sync between your Facebook and phone have stopped working. Which is quite the pain if you use it to contact people or as a way of adding profile photos for all your contacts. Thankfully, however, it’s actually possible to roll back these changes and get an older version of Facebook installed on your phone. Visit the APK Mirror site and download a version of — Read more →

EVEL by name, evil by nature

This afternoon the constitution of the United Kingdom was changed by 312 MPs whose party won 36.9% of the vote in this year’s General Election.  English MPs will now have a veto on legislation which affects “English-only” matters in the UK Parliament (English Votes for English Laws or EVEL as it’s more commonly known) – leaving the elected members of the house from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland powerless to do the job they were sent to Westminster to do. It’s a constitutional shake-up the — Read more →

Scotland: A polarised polity

As much as I hate to see it, Scotland is a polarised country now. No matter where you look whether it’s Twitter spats between Cybernats and authors or news stories about job losses, Scotland is split into two camps. The image above is a snapshot from YouGov’s latest Scottish poll about independence versus party support. You don’t need to be a professional psephologist to figure out that there is a chasm between the parties here and when you look at the party’s support figures it’s clear — Read more →