They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons

For my generation, and perhaps even the one before, there is no show that became such a cultural monolith as The Simpsons.  Absolutely everyone knows about the show, almost everyone knows the characters from it and a good number of people know the ins-and-outs of the hundreds of episodes that have graced our screen. The thing with The Simpsons though, is that our image and our cultural appreciation of it comes almost solely from the first ten/twelve years of its’ long lifespan.  These were the — Read more →

2015 General Election Results

Wow.  Elections are always significant for what they mean to a country, but some change the way in which politics is conducted and followed in a country forever and that’s what last night’s result was. When the exit poll flashed up at 10pm absolutely everyone was calling foul.  The Conservatives being 75 seats ahead of Labour was inconceivable to anyone who’d taken even a cursory glance at the figures that the numerous polling organisations had been pumping out on a daily basis for months.  Seeing — Read more →

2015 General Election Predictions

It’s finally election day.  After what has seemed like an interminably long run-up to one of the most unpredictable General Elections in living memory, we are finally on the cusp of finding out who will be elected to Westminster and where the chips will fall for the all-important coalition bargaining to come over the next week. I’ve been following the ups and downs in the polls for a while now, as well as keeping tabs on Lord Ashcroft’s regular polls in the marginal constituencies that — Read more →

Why I’m Voting SNP

I remember writing a piece last year on here about the European elections and explaining why I’d vote SNP then but wouldn’t call myself an SNP supporter.  I couldn’t see myself tying down to their political vision at the time, even though I was becoming more and more enamoured with the idea of independence. And in terms of being a a supporter of the party nothing has changed.  What I would never have imagined though was the turn of events between then and now that would — Read more →

Songs of the Month: April 2015

While there’s never any real attempt or effort when I write these monthly list of songs to pick a set of songs with a common theme, it often turns out with the way my music taste and listening habits work that you’ll see a link between many of the tunes I pick.  This month there’s a definite feel that each of these songs have gone under the radar a little, with them all being great songs that are more than deserving of some attention but — Read more →