Modern Plagiarism?

It might be easier than ever to find out what’s going on in the world, or discover old facts you would never have dreamed of knowing otherwise, because of the internet – but despite its overwhelming advantages, there are some negatives that are slowly becoming more influential on our wider culture. Technology is a double-edged sword in that although making new content and news is as simple as it has ever been, copying that content and claiming it as your own is too.  Entire works — Read more →

Bundlr: Your Personal News Feed

I’m sure that I’m not alone in often thinking of a tremendous idea, one that could change the way we do something forever – before looking into it and finding it already exists.  Yesterday I had one of those moments.  Why isn’t there a website/app that allows me to bookmark articles and group them in a feed that I can share with people rather than having to Tweet or share via Facebook.  A little research led to me to find Bundlr, and I’m glad to — Read more →

Social Media Stumbles for the Staggies

A new football season is nearly upon us, and for my club Ross County it’s been a summer of some change.  The usual ebb and flow of players has seen some leave, some new faces appear and some return but perhaps the more exciting changes have come off-the-field – at the behest of our innovative chairman. The club has taken big strides so far this summer with the overall aim of improving the overall fan experience, which is to be commended.  Roy McGregor talked in — Read more →

World Cup 2014 Review

There’s little that compares to the emptiness a football fan feels after the World Cup is over but after what was surely one of the finest tournaments in history it’s a bigger loss than ever. Brazil’s World Cup promised a festival of football and they delivered in spades.  From the opener some four and a half weeks ago in Sao Paulo to Sunday’s final in the fabled Maracanã, this year’s World Cup was an absolutely enthralling month of football with fantastic games, amazing stories and — Read more →

T in the Park 2014 Review

It might have been “Bye Bye Balado” at T in the Park this year, but for me it was more of a “Hello, Goodbye!”  My first T was a fantastic weekend, with some great music and good times spent with friends and although I’ve only been the once, I’ll remember my weekend at Balado fondly. On the whole, T in the Park was probably the best festival I’ve been to.  I may be looking at the weekend through rose-tinted sunglasses, with the weather having been — Read more →